Kill Screen: Alone in the Kitchen

I finally found the time to write another article for Kill Screen. Ryan asked me if I’d like to contribute to their current food week, so I had a chat with Jasper Byrne about his seriously amazing Lone Survivor. It was supposed to be a review at first, but thanks to Ryan (and 10 pages of unedited interview text) we decided to turn it into a review/profile-kind-of-thing. I really enjoyed doing that and I hope I can do something similar again sometimes soon:

These seem to be universal ideas. But the world is as much about Byrne as it is about “You’s” fight for survival. Why is every bottle of milk spoiled? “I hate milk,” says Byrne. Why is instant coffee not quite enough? “I moan when I can’t get a decent espresso somewhere.” Why are there dried squid sticks scattered around in the world? “My wife is Japanese, so dried squid is always in the cupboard.” However, “You” doesn’t like dried squid: “Eeeew … disgusting,” he mutters when you force him to eat one. He’s wrong not to. The squid sticks are actually really good: “They are nutritional and keep him going for a while,” Byrne says. “You” probably never had them from a street barbecue in Japan, like Byrne did. [Link]